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Civilian Roadway Accidents

How Motorcycle Accidents Happen On Base and On Civilian Roadways

Motorcycle accidents are an increasing risk to motorcyclists across America and throughout California.  To avoid being the next victim, the motorcyclist can take proactive measures to decrease their risks of accidents.  Motorcyclists can help increase their safety by understanding some types of motorcycle accident and their causes as well as by taking measures to protect themselves.

Single Vehicle Accidents:  Drive Intelligently

Unfortunately a large percentage of motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle accidents, meaning that there was no other vehicle involved in the crash.  When a single-vehicle accident occurs, a motorcycle will collide either with the roadway or another fixed object.  While in 1996 the total number of motorcycle accidents reported to police was 67,000 accidents, 27,000 of those were single-vehicle accidents; that is a rate of 40%. 

Motorcyclist error is usually a precipitating factor for single-vehicle accidents, where a motorcyclist might not fully understand or anticipate the bike’s maneuvering in certain situations.  For example, a motorcyclist might overcompensate for the actions of another person on the road, causing a slide-out and fall.  In other situations, over-breaking, mishandling the bike while turning, or using excess speed during turns might cause the accident.  Know what your motorcycle can and cannot do and adjust appropriately.  This is particularly important in inclement weather or other road conditions that might make the surface or general environment suboptimal.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents:  Drive Defensively

The majority of motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle are caused by the driver of the other vehicle, generally an automobile, either not being aware of or respectful of the motorcyclist in their space.  As motorcycles are relatively vulnerable as far as protection and size goes, the shrewd motorcyclist will be aware of all other vehicles’ positions and potential blind spots, adjusting their own speed and position accordingly.

One third of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle are caused by the other vehicle turning into the path of the oncoming motorcyclist.  A biker should always be alert at intersections particularly because of others’ possible inabilities to see them.

Motorcyclists can protect themselves by making sure that they always remain as visible as possible to other drivers.  This means being aware of others’ blind spots and avoiding them as well as making sure that your signals are easily seen and your motions are easy to see and predict.   

Motorcycle Safety:  Use Your Resources

There are many resources currently available to help the motorcyclist remain safe.  For example, there are technological advances in motorcyclist safety gear and equipment each year.  A wide range of goggles, helmets, and clothing make safety not only available but stylish.  Also with each given year, motorcycles increase with handling and their equipment safety.   Motorcyclists can also take defensive driving or driving skill courses applicable specifically to the motorcycle.  While new motorcyclists in particular should consider a course, veterans benefit from a refresher course.

When Accidents Happen, You can Still Protect Yourself

If you or your loved one is the unfortunate victim of a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another or involving another entity, you can still act proactively to protect yourself.  Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC is not only a veteran motorcyclist, but a proud Marine.  Ehline Law Firm PC has offices conveniently located throughout California, including locations convenient to those serving in the military such McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, Camp Pendleton and Naval Base Coronado in San Diego as well as other locations for Airmen, Marines, Army soldiers, Navy and Coastguard as well as all Californians.  Call today at 1-888-400-9721

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