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Left Hand Turn Accidents

Left hand turn motorcycle accidents each year equal a large number of motorcycle collisions in which the rider is injured or killed and this includes military personnel that ride bikes. In many cases the left hand turn collision that involves an airman, Marine, soldier or sailor  is due to a driver’s negligence in not yielding to the bikers right of way or in some cases not seeing the rider when making the turn.

Left Hand Turns—Placing Fault

In many cases the motorcycle rider will believe they do not need the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, because the motorcycle collision seems clear cut and it is easy to place fault with the driver of a motor vehicle. That is not necessarily the case, especially when serious injuries are involved. Even when the accident report shows that the other driver is at fault, in the state of California it cannot be admitted into evidence in order to prove fault. This is where the experts that Ehline Law Firm PC, can make a large difference in winning a motorcycle accident lawsuit against a negligent driver that caused a left hand collision.

What Happens After the Collision

The California Vehicle Code §21801 states that driver’s should yield to the right of way, until the turn can be made safely. This will mean very little after a collision, since the police report cannot be used as proof of the drivers negligence to the insurance company and their attorneys. The experience and experts in accident reconstruction they have access to will be proof that can be used to prove the driver was responsible for the accident.

Insurance companies often attempt to place blame on the military motorcycle rider claiming they could have been traveling at an unsafe speed or not wearing brightly colored clothing. In some cases will claim if the rider swerves that results in the bike sliding to avoid the collision that the rider over reacted to the situation. The insurance company does not want to pay compensation, even when they are accountable for the actions of the driver they insure and they will argue that the soldier, sailor, airman or Marine motorcycle rider was at least partially at fault.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and are in the military, Ehline Law Firm PC, is the motorcycle accident attorney that is able to protect your rights and recover compensation from the negligent driver and their insurance company. Attorney Michael Ehline proudly served as a Marine and is an experienced motorcycle rider, who understands motorcycle mechanics and how accidents occur. The Ehline Law Firm PC can be reached by calling 888-400-9721.

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