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Motorcycle Spine Injuries

Military Motorcycle Rider Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Motorcycle accidents can cause traumatic injuries and this can involve the neurological system or spinal cord. This can affect the ability to control body activities that will be life changing in an instant. Spinal cord injuries can mean not being able to continue a career in the military and needing assistance and medical care for life.

Motorcycle Neck and Back Injuries

Motorcycle neck and back injury victims can suffer serious injuries that can include spinal cord injury, disc herniation or disc bulge. There can be injuries that are difficult to determine if they are neck or back injuries and can include pain to the cervical, thoracic or lumbar and spasms, along with more serious spinal cord injuries. The pain from a cervical, thoracic or lumbar disc injury have symptoms that the injured victim might suffer from as a result of the motorcycle accident and include

•    Numbness or tingling in the extremities, hands, fingers, feet and toes.
•    There can be constant pain that can radiate down the extremities and is associated with the feeling of hot water, depending on the injured victims activities.

Spinal Cord Injuries can Cause Paralysis

Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis to even a motorcycle rider that is active duty military depending on the severity of the injuries to the spinal cord and include:

•    Paraplegia: This is spinal cord damage that is below the area that would include the neck, and will also include the legs and abdomen being paralyzed to a certain degree.
•    Quadriplegia: The motorcycle accident that causes damage to the neck area of the injured victim will cause both the legs and arms to be paralyzed.

This type of motorcycle accident injury will require long term medical care and assistance and the injured victim will need the experienced military motorcycle accident attorney. This can be complex litigation that not all attorneys can provide the best legal representation or do not have the experience with this type of motorcycle accident injury.

When you or a loved one has suffered spinal cord injuries the Ehline Law Firm PC, has the experience necessary to provide the best legal representation to the Marine, sailor soldier or airmen to recover the highest amount of compensation. Our terrific legal representatives can be reached at 1-888-400-9721.

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