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Motorcycle Wrongful Death

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Involving Military Personnel

When fatal accidents happen, there is nothing that anyone or any entity can do to bring back the lost family member.  Unfortunately, many military men and women are involved in accidents, including fatal motorcycle accidents, annually.  Some of these will require a motorycle wrongful death lawyer. Not only will the family be suffering the debilitating emotional loss of their family member, but likely will also be suffering financial devastation due to unexpected bills, or loss of income or support.

Sometimes the death of the victim was not immediate; there may be medical bills and expenses that occurred when the medical personnel were trying to save the life of the victim even with military care.  The family, also trying to save their family member, might have costs associated with that accident, particularly direct family members who might have had to pay for childcare, take time off of their own jobs, and other losses associated with the loss. 

Once the victim sadly passes, there are still more expenses for the surviving family such as funeral and burial costs.  Of course, then there might be costs related to loss of that person’s supporting income, future expected income to the direct family and other dependent people such as surviving parents or siblings.  The family of the deceased military member might also have lost an expected inheritance that would have come through the deceased loved one.  There are also losses in the form of lost companionship, a new absence of an important parent figure, and other pain and suffering from a motorcycle wrongful death.

Losing a beloved family member unexpectedly is devastating and the surviving family deserves the respect, support, and recompense that they need as they try to rebuild their lives.  Michael Ehline understands how tragic and terrifying this period can be for any family and would like to help miitary families dealing with their motorycle wrongful death lawyer.

Michael Ehline, Esq., of Ehline Law Firm PC has years of experience representing families, including military families, who have lost loved ones unexpectedly and need assistance.  His offices are conveniently located throughout California, including near the many military bases for the convenience of the grieving family.  There are  locations convenient to members of the Marines, the Army,  Air Force, Coast Guard, as well as the Navy.  Michael Ehline, Esq., is also an inactive US Marine and understands military families from your unique standpoint and is sensitive to your needs.  If you would like more information, Mr. Ehline invites you to call 1-888-400-9721.

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