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US Naval Personnel Motorcycle Lawyer

Navy Personnel Motorcycle Riding Requirements

Sailors that purchase or ride a motorcycle reporting to a new duty station are required to adhere  to requirements of the Navy in order to ride their motorcycle on the base and will ensure they ride safely off base.  Navy personnel that intend to ride a motorcycle on or off base are required to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation safety course. In the event the motorcycle is a sport bike the Navy and Marines rider safety course was developed that has been tailored specifically for the sport bike rider.

Safety course requirements are an attempt by the U.S. Department of the Navy to reduce the amount of motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injuries or deaths.

Basic Rider Course is Required

The Basic Rider Course is required for any service member riding a motorcycle on or off base and is a three day course that will focus on:

•    Proper riding techniques that will benefit the new motorcycle rider and will refresh the experienced rider to eliminate bad habits.
•    Education about the different types of motorcycles and their design.
•    Proper operation of basic controls
•    Both classroom and physical motorcycle safety, with time on the riding course. The riding course training will include proper breaking, shifting, riding in a straight line, turning, practicing swerving and emergency breaking.
•    Riders taking the Navy/Marine sport bike safety course will attend training for one day and is for all sport bike riders.

Requirements for Protective Clothing

Any sailor that rides a motorcycle or has a passenger will not be admitted on the base unless they have the proper protective clothing. This protective wear includes:
•    A DOT approved helmet that is to be worn when riding on base or on civilian roads.
•    Eye protection that could be a full face shield that is attached securely to the helmet, goggles or wrap around glasses.
•    Leather boots or sturdy footwear that covers the ankles.
•    Full finger gloves designed for motorcycle riders.
•    Long legged trousers.
•    Long sleeved upper body wear that is brightly colored and has reflective stripping for night riding.

Why Have Requirements for Naval Personnel?

Any sailor not properly dressed will not be admitted passage onto the base and it could result in a citation.  The required Basic Rider Course and the requirements for protective clothing and gear is an effort to keep sailors that ride motorcycles safe, while decreasing the amount of motorcycle accidents that cause serious injuries or death.

Ehline Law Firm PC, motorcycle accident injury attorney Michael Ehline, Esq., as an experienced motorcycle rider and having served as a Marine, knows how much of a benefit the required course and wearing the proper gear can mean out on the roadway. In the event of a motorcycle collision the Ehline Law Firm, PC has the experience and resources necessary to protect the rights of sailors and recover compensation. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can be reached at 888-400-9721.

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