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US Air Force Motorcycle Lawyers

Air Force Motorcycle Rider Requirements

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation both on and off military bases.  Many Airmen would love to have the ability to ride their motorcycles on base; the Air Force therefor has a list of regulations regarding motorcycle safety.  The rules apply off-base as well if the person is in an on-duty status.  The regulation list concerning motorcycles includes Air Force Instruction 91-207 and is helpful for any Air Force member who enjoys motorcycles.

Driver/Rider Equipment For Air Force Personel

For protection, a motorcyclist and any passenger must wear proper equipment and clothing.  This includes goggles that are impact resistant, or a full face shield as part of their helmet.  This requirement will be negated if the motorcycle has a windshield of equal or greater height of the top of the helmet of a properly seated and upright driver.  Clothing must protect the driver and increase visibility.  A vest or jacket must have bright colors for daytime visibility and reflective ability for nighttime visibility or decreased visibility conditions.  This vest or jacket must be fully visible, and anything worn on the outside must not cover the jacket or vest.  If a sleeveless vest is chosen, then the driver must still wear a shirt that covers the arms to the wrists.  The driver must additionally wear gloves with full fingers, or mittens, as well as footwear that is sturdy and preferably reaches above the ankle.

Of course, helmets are required.  These helmets must meet minimal requirements for safety, be well fitted, and fasten safely.  The Air Force accepts helmets that minimally meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DoT) standards, or helmets of a similar certification by their host nation if personnel are stationed overseas.

Additional requirements may be mandated by individual posts or bases above the requirements of the Air Force, and the one should check with each base as applicable.

Motorcycle Requirements For Airmen

Not only do drivers and passengers have requirements, but there are also rules for the motorcycles themselves.  All two-wheeled vehicles including motorcycles must have an operating headlight and that headlight must be on at all times unless prohibited.  Additionally, all motorcycles must be equipped with rear-view mirrors and be in good repair as your military motorycle lawyers all know.

Air Force Motorcycle Rider Requirements

Finally, in order to use a motorcycle or register to use one on an Air Force base, there are also regulations concerning rider skills and liability.  All Air Force military personnel are required to complete an Air Force approved motorcycle safety course.  Registration of the motorcycle must happen within three working days after arrival.

The motorcyclist must provide their military identification and driver’s license, some proof of ownership or power-of-attorney documents, any base decal numbers that had been previously assigned to this vehicle as well as proof of liability such as the traditional 15/30 policy including $15,000 for death or injury to one person, $30,000 coverage for death or injury of more than one person, and $5,000 for property damage.  If the vehicle is not registered in California, then it must comply with emissions testing as required in California.

On base or off, the safety of the men and women of the Air Force is a priority.  Regulations put in place by the Air Force are designed to protect Air Force members and personnel as well as others around them.  In case of an accident where another party is at fault, Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC, can help the Airman or woman protect their rights and gain fair recompense.  Michael Ehline is not only a military man, a former US Marine, but also a motorcyclist and kindred spirit.  He understands the lifestyle of both military personnel and motorcyclists and can represent the victim in court with drive, authority, and ethics.

His office meeting locations are conveniently located throughout California, including locations close to the following Air Force Bases:  Beale AFB, Edwards AFB, Los Angeles AFB, March Air Reserve Base, McClellan AFB, Travis AFB, and Vandenberg AFB.  If you require the help of Ehline Law Firm PC, please call today at 1-888-400-9721.

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