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Army Personnel Requirements For Riding Motorcycles

Army personnel have certain requirements that they must meet when deciding to purchase or have a motorcycle they intend to ride. This includes the Army National Guard that will also adhere to the requirements at military forts and bases in California, both on and off base, as pursuant to AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program, paragraph 11-9.

The requirements for soldiers require that they have a valid driver’s license with the M endorsement, valid proof of insurance, and have a Motorcycle Safety Card. The motorcycle safety card is obtained by the biker attending an Army Motorcycle Safety Foundation approved course, which is provided to soldiers at no cost on bases like Fort Irwin, Fort Ord, Fort Hunter Liggett or the Presidio of Monterey. Motorcyclists that do not possess the motorcycle safety course will not be permitted to ride their bike on post, until they complete the safety course. The Army motorcycle attorney wants you to know the following:

Protective Gear Requirements

Riders and passengers on the motorcycle are required to wear Department of Transportation approved helmets when riding that has been properly fastened underneath of the chin. Shatter resistant goggles, wraparound sunglasses or a full face shield that is properly attached to the helmet is required; motorcycles that have a windshield is not considered proper eye protection and one of these must also be worn. Full finger gloves or mittens that have been designed for motorcycle riding, must be worn, along with long trousers, leather boots or over the ankle shoes and a long sleeve shirt or jacket.
Motorcyclists are required to wear brightly colored upper garments during the hours of daylight with reflective material or reflective stripes or a reflective vest or PT belt. Backpacks that are carried are also required to have reflective stripes.  Entering a California Army Base without the proper gear will be denied access and can be cited with a DD Form 1408 for failure to obey orders.

Bike Safety Requirements

There are requirements for the motorcycle of Army personnel including the bike being equipped with both a left hand and right hand rear view mirror that are mounted on the handlebar or fairing. Riders must have their headlight on at all times and wearing headphones, earphones or any type of audio device, even when installed in a helmet is prohibited. This impairs the soldiers hearing while riding a motorcycle, of approaching vehicles and horns.

The motorcycle accident attorneys of Ehline Law, PC want all motorcycle riders to be safe when on the roadway, whether on base or not and these requirements that the U.S. Department of the Army has determined should be required of soldiers riding motorcycles help to ensure the rider will be safer. When the military rider is faced with an motorcycle accident, our attorneys have the experience that is necessary to protect the rights of military personnel and are motorcycle riders who understand how serious a military motorcycle crash can be. Our attorneys can be reached at 888-400-9721.

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