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US Marine Corps. Motorcycle Lawyers

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Marine Motorcycle Riders at Camp Pendleton and Other Bases

Marine’s that ride motorcycles know the freedom they feel riding in Southern California and the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and the other Marine Bases, like Twenty-Nine Palms, MCAS Miramar, MCRD Barstow, MCRD San Diego and Mountain Training Centers realize the way to keep riders safe is with proper training. This training is required for riding on the base, the Camp Pendleton and other California Marine Base Safety Centers, which offers a selection of courses that have been put together to educate military personnel and reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents.

Camp Pendleton Base Order 5101.7E states that motorcycle riders are required and is the same at other Marine Bases:

•    To report the purchase of a motorcycle to the commanding officer within a 48 hour period.
•    Reporting to a new duty assignment on the base the motorcycle must be reported to the commander.
•    Included in the order, whether the motorcycle will be ridden on the base or not after reporting it to the commander, the bike must be registered within five days of the purchase.

•    Marine’s that intend to ride their motorcycle on the base after reporting the bike to the commander, will need proof of enrollment in the two days Basic Rider Course in order to ride on base.

The Basic Rider’s Course

The Basic Rider’s Course consists of a fifteen hour introduction to riding a motorcycle, which focuses on the fundamentals with the proper techniques. This course is essential for new riders to be safe on or off the base and it is a perfect refresher course for the experienced motorcyclist. This class teaches the proper techniques that riders who have learned on their own or by a friend can eliminate bad habits that could lead to motorcycle crashes.

Marine motorcycle riders will learn about the different types of motorcycles and their layouts, the proper operation of basic controls and how to be a responsible and safe motorcyclist. Class is held in the classroom and out on the riding range, where riders will practice maneuvers like, straight line riding, shifting, breaking, turning and then once this is accomplished will mean practicing swerving and emergency breaking.

The motorcycle rider that has a learner’s permit will be provided with an official DL389 from the California Department of Motor Vehicles that will waive the requirement to complete the motorcycle skill test at the DMV, once the on base class has been successfully completed. The California Department of Motor Vehicles will add the M1 endorsement on the on the current license or issue a motorcycle license, after receiving the form.

Protective Gear Requirements

Marine Corps. personnel are required to wear protective gear whether riding on the base or on civilian roadways. This protective gear includes:

•    A Department of Transportation approved helmet
•    Proper eye protection, which can be a full face shield, goggles or wrap around glasses. Corrective lenses or contacts must be worn whenever riding a motorcycle, even when protective eyewear is worn.
•    Full finger gloves or mittens designed for motorcycle riders
•    Leather boots or over the ankle shoes.
•    Full length trousers
•    Long sleeved upper garment that is brightly colored, with reflective stripping at night.

Rider Safety Helps Avoid Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle safety requirements on Marine Bases for motorcycle riders that are military personnel will benefit them, when riding on civilian roads will provide them with the tools to avoid motorcycle crashes in many cases. Ehline Law Firm PC is there to help the injured Marine that is involved in a motorcycle accident and having served as a Marine motorcycle accident attorney Michael Ehline is available to assist injured bikers that are Marines at 888-400-9721.

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